Top 15 Commonly Found Mistakes in Embroidery Digitizing to Avoid

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If you take a look at the embroidery industry, you will figure out that thousands of digitizers are being used in order to get work done. However, the outcome is not perfect at all times because of the mistakes that are done while embroidery digitizing. Here is a list of 15 such common mistakes that people make when they are engaged with embroidery digitizing.

  • Lack of pathing
    This issue takes place when the embroidery digitizers are not in a position to draw the design that looks in the screen in a similar way. The machine would jump unnecessarily, which will not make it follow the correct path. Or else, it will be possible to see too many trims in the outcome.
  • Lack of planning
    Before getting started with embroidery digitizing, it is important to go through an appropriate planning session. Then it is possible to figure out how to proceed with embroidery digitizing, without causing any mistakes. It can help all the people to end up with highly effective results as well.
  • Using the wrong style
    Using the wrong style can be considered as another common mistake that people make when they are engaged with embroidery digitizing. This can be considered as one of the most difficult things to learn. However, it is important to spend time and figure out what underlay would be the ideal for the stitch types.
  • Using no underlay
    Some of the individuals who are engaged with embroidery digitizing use no underlay or they use incorrect underlay. This can distort the entire design. As a result, you will be created with a nightmare when you are engaged with the embroidering process. This can help you stay away from hassle, especially while you use multiple fabric types.
  • Improper compensation
    All people who are engaged with embroidery digitizing should have a clear understanding about it. In other words, you should understand what is too little and what is too much. If you don’t focus on this, you will end up with a embroidery digitizing design, which will end up with an underlay that sticks out and doesn’t fit perfectly well into the design.
  • Not using proper density
    The new embroidery digitizers are in a position to provide a bullet proof design. As a result, the density would be too high at times, whereas it will be too little at the other times. This is one of the biggest mistakes done with embroidery digitizing and you will need to take appropriate steps to get rid of committing this issue.
  • Following the incorrect stitch direction
    The stitch direction has got the ability to create a tremendous impact on the final outcome that you will get out of embroidery digitizing. Therefore, it is important for you to follow the correct stitch direction. Not following the correct stitch direction can create an impact on the stitch angle and overall embroidery design.
  • Not locking the stitches
    When it comes to embroidery digitizing, lock stitches are something optional. As a result, many people ignore it. Unfortunately, it can create a negative impact on the final outcome. You should pay special attention towards lock stitching, especially while you are working on jersey or jacket materials.
  • Not using the proper fill type
    It has also been identified that many digitizers don’t have a clear idea about the fill types. This can also impact the embroidery design. To overcome this mistake, you will need to understand what different types of fills are available. With that understanding, you can go ahead with the best fill type according to the situation.
  • Issues related to stitch lengths
    If you don’t use the proper stitch lengths, you will notice that the underlay would stick out from the sides of the letters that you use in embroidery digitizing. This becomes more prominent, especially when you are using smaller letters. Hence, you need to be extra careful about the stitch lengths.
  • Not using the correct width for the stitch type
    When you don’t select the correct width, there is a possibility for you to end up with loopy stitches as well. In addition, it can cause gaps in the design and unnecessary trims. It can also create too dense areas in the design. Therefore, you need to think about using the most appropriate width for the stitch type.
  • Not using the correct application for the design
    It is important to use the correct application according to the design as well. Failing to do it might lead you towards a lot of hassle. Therefore, it is important to select the correct application according to the design.
  • Failing to sew out from the center
    You must start sewing out from the center of the embroidery design if you doing for hats, hats do not work similar to shirt designs. Failing to do it can also lead you towards a lot of issues with embroidery digitizing. For example, you will not be able to get the right push equally in all directions. Therefore, you must start sewing out from the center for hats.
  • Overlooking the bobbin
    When you change the bobbins, it is important to take a look at the thread tension at all times. You need to make it a habit. Getting this habit can provide a tremendous assistance for you to stay away from hassle and frustration while you are engaged with embroidery digitizing.
  • Overlooking the digitizing aspects
    It is possible for you to see a lot of mistakes being done when embroidery digitizing designs and logos. You can take a look at the specific products such as t-shirts and hats as an example. This happens mainly due to the push and pull compensation that can take place when the curved substrate is different when compared to the flat frame.

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