Know More About DigitizingNinjas

In 2016, my wife and I started DigitizingNinjas officaly to offer quality digitizing services to embroidery shops as our own website. We now offer digitizing worldwide and have won many awards in various digitizing categories. Our team of 20+ digitizer, vector artist and graphics designers, all strive to be your favorite choice for digitizing and vector graphics.

Our experienced digitizers ensure even minor details in designs, reduced thread breaks, less production time, minimum stitch count, and clean designs which helps you to reduce production time with less material and hence reduced final embroidery costs while maintaining highest quality stitch outs. Our minimum turnaround time and quality makes us to win repeated clients who also recommended us to other embroidery shops. Our team of professionals digitizers work hard to get your design within 12 to 24 hours with fast estimates and design change/edit requests.

DigitizingNinjas is in business of digitizing and vector conversion. Our price and quality of work is superior in the industry, our 90% work is flat $10 per design which is great value for your money with minimum turnaround of 12 hours. We are multifaceted team with digitizers, designers and vector artists. We are expert in 3d puff, small letters, applique, complex designs and hat digitizing etc. We take pride in our work and assure money back guarantee on our digitized and vector artwork.

In vector conversion services, we do redraws of simple to complex designs, SVG cut files, cleaning files for DTG and screen printing. We assure top quality in vector services. We also do T-shirt designs and any type of custom graphics work.

  • Quick Turnaround

    12 to 24 hours turnaround time with Rush design having no extra charges.

  • Flat Prices

    Our most 90% work is $10 prices. In digitizing, most companies charge per 1000 stitches and you end up paying a lot as compared to flat price. With flat price you do not need to worry about digitizing costs, you can freely quote price to your clients.

  • Dedicated Team

    If you have or work at an embroidery shop, screen printing firm or promotional products business or need dedicated team for embroidery digitizing, vector conversion service or graphics work, our price, quality and turnaround time cannot be matched with other company.

  • Rush Order - No Extra Charge

    We do not charge extra for RUSH orders, however if you mention that you have RUSH order, we can deliver in 2 to 12 hours.

  • Flexible Payments

    Our payment method are flexible, you can pay by Paypal, Credit card, debit cards. We send monthly or weekly invoices for regular clients.

  • Latest Technology

    Our team is always updated with latest in the technology and embroidery digitizing software’s. We strive to provide you best in the industry

  • All Machine Embroidery Formats

    We provide almost all embroidery machine formats and vector formats. So you can send your orders without any worry. We will deliver your order in same file format as requested by you.

  • Vector & SVG Cut Files

    We also provide graphics services, we do SVG cut files, Tshirt design and any type of custom graphics work.

"I am glad to found you guys, i have reduced my costs by 30% using your digitizing services. Great quality, affordable prices and quick turn around time have impressed me"
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