Embroidery Digitizing Made Simple by DigitizingNinjas

Miami, FL – December 19, 2016: Many logos need to be stitched onto garments and other items. Before this can happen, embroidery digitizing needs to happen. This is the process that converts existing artwork into a stitch file. An embroidery machine will then be able to sew the design onto the garment or other item.

Digitizing Ninjas is a company that offers embroidery digitizing with over 20 years of experience. A rush design can be obtained with no extra charges and minor edits can be made free of cost. The first two designs are given at a 50 percent discount, which is ideal for when logos and other items need to be digitized to be added to laptop bags, polos, and other company designs.

“We never compromise on quality,” comments a spokesperson for Digitizing Ninjas. The company prides themselves on the ability to provide high quality embroidery digitizing services at affordable rates.

A variety of free designs are available on the website. This includes cars, trucks, and several holiday designs. These can be used for fun, as well as to test the quality on an embroidery machine.

Ordering an embroidery digitizing vinyl is simple. The contact form asks for names, email, phone number, company, and design detail. The file can then be uploaded directly to the website. Someone will generally provide contact within 12 to 24 hours in order to begin discussing the details of the project, including the size of the file that needs to be created.

Companies of all sizes look to have items embroidered for uniforms, computer bags, and for marketing purposes. The embroidery happens on polos, jackets, pillows, bags, and a variety of other items. Embroidery machines cannot use just any file for the printing. It needs to understand the design as well as the colors to use – and this is what embroidery digitizing does.

Digitizing Ninjas offers a simple solution at only $10 per design. Different embroidery types can be created as well, including embroidery patch, applique patch, 3D puff, and more. The company has knowledge of these types and can ensure that the logo is digitized so it can be easily read by professional embroidery machines.

More about the company can be found on their website. In addition to digitizing, vector art services and image editing can also be performed, ensuring that companies have their graphic arts needs met.

Web: www.digitizingninjas.com